Power Drive Unit Elec Mod 300 30/day 79/week 238/month

Universal Drive Shaft 12/day 24/week 50/month

Threading Machine Complete 2 1/2” to 4” 130/day 390/week 1170/month

Power Pipe Threader 1/2” to 2” Handheld Elec 40/day 120/week 310/month

Geared Threader 2 1/2” to 4” 60/day 180/week 540/month

Hand Oiler 6/day 18/week 48/month

Pipe Support Stand 13/day 39/week 117/month

Pipe Vise Stand 13/day 39/week 117/month

Pipe Cutter 1/8” to 2” 8/day 20/week 40/month

Pipe Cutter 2” to 4” 4 Wheel 15/day 60/week 100/month

Pipe Cutter 4” to 6” 16/day 40/week 90/month

Pipe Threading Tool to 2” 14/day 39/week 80/month

Pipe Threader Saddle Set 25/day 65/week 190/month

Pipe Bender 1/4”-3/4” 6/day 12/week 24/month

Pipe Bender 1/2”-2” for EMT 90/day 270/week 810/month

Pipe Bender 1 1/4”-4” Hydraulic (Steel Water Pipe ONLY) 60/day 180/week 450/month

Conduit Bender EMT 1/2”-3/4” 6/day 12/week 24/month

Conduit Bender EMT 1”-1 1/4” 6/day 18/week 36/month

Flaring Tool 3/16”-5/8” 6/day 12/week 24/month

Flaring Tool 1/8”-3/4” 15/day 45/week 105/month

Chain Wrench 12” 6/day 15/week 35/month

Pipe Wrench 10”-18” 6/day 12/week 25/month

Pipe Wrench 48” 15/day 36/week 80/month

Soil Pipe Cutter 6” w/ Rachet 18/day 48/week 120/month

Soil Pipe Cutter Hydraulic 4”-15” 50/day 150/week 430/month

Reamer Pipe 2”-4” Hand 8/day 20/week 50/month

Lead Pot 8/day 24/week 48/month

Plumbers Torch Propane Small 12/day 36/week 72/month

Plumbers Torch Propane Large 20/day 60/week 120/month

Kinetic Water Ram 10/4hr 20/day 40/week 90/month

Snake 3/8”x30’ Elec 30/4hr 50/day

Snake 1/2”x50’ Hand 20/4hr 30/day 120/week

Snake 1/2”x50’ Elec 40/4hr 60/day 180/week

Snake 3/4”x100’ Elec 50/4hr 95/day 380/week

Snake 1”x104’ Electric Eel 70/4hr 120/day 480/week

Snake Water Jet Drain Washer 80/4hr 140/day

Sewer Tape 1”x100’ Hand 20/day 65/week

Commode Auger 6/day 25/week